About the Friends of Oglethorpe


The Friends of Oglethorpe is a local voluntary organisation formed to foster friendship between the State of Georgia in general and the cities of Savannah and Augusta in particular, Friends reflect the modern day link with one of Godalming's most famous sons, General James Edward Oglethorpe, the local Member of Parliament who at the bidding of King George II, took the sailing ship 'Anne' and 114 souls to found the State of Georgia, in the deep south, 269 years ago in 1733.

The Friends initiate and organise visits to Georgia and welcome and host visitors from Georgia both as individuals and in groups who come to Godalming to seek the roots of their founder. The Friends also organise local events and liaise with the Parish Church in Cranham where he is buried. The Oglethorpe family home was Westbrook, now The Meath, near Godalming Station, which can be visited by arrangement. More information about Oglethorpe is contained in Godalming Parish Church and in the Library in the Town Museum in Godalming High Street.

The Oglethorpe Connection